12kv outdoor vacuum circuit breaker with switchgear protection Zw8-12g

ItemUnitParameterRated VoltagekV12Rated CurrentA630Rated Short-circuit Breaking CurrentkA6.312.520Rated Short-circuit Making Current (Peak)kA1631.550Rated Peak Withstand CurrentkA1631.550Rated Short-time Withstand CurrentkA6.312.520Rated Insulation Level1min Power FrequencyWithstand Voltage (Dry Test)kV42Lightning Impulse Withst

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Rated VoltagekV12
Rated CurrentA630
Rated Short-circuit Breaking CurrentkA6.312.520
Rated Short-circuit Making Current (Peak)kA1631.550
Rated Peak Withstand CurrentkA1631.550
Rated Short-time Withstand CurrentkA6.312.520
Rated Insulation Level1min Power Frequency
Withstand Voltage (Dry Test)
Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage (Peak)kV75
Rated Operating Sequence O-0.3s-C O-180s-CO
Mechanical Lifetimes10000
Rated Short-circuit Current Breaking Timestimes30
Rated Closing Voltage of OperatorV110, 220
Rated Opening Voltage of OperatorV110, 220
Clearance Between Open Contactsmm11± 1
Over travel of Contactsmm3
Three-phase Opening/Closing Synchronizationms≤ 2
Closing Bouncing Timems≤ 2
Average Opening Speedm/s1.0± 0.2
Average Closing Speedm/s0.7± 0.15
Opening TimeHighest Operating Voltages0.015~0.05
Lowest Operating Voltages0.03~0.06
Closing Times0.025~0.05
Main Loop Resistance of Each Phaseμ Ω≤ 120
Total Thickness of Permissible Wear of Moving and Static Contactsmm3

12kv Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker with Switchgear Protction Zw8-12g


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