Prefabricated substation for high-voltage/low-voltage equipment

Technical Specification:ItemUnitParameterRated voltageKV12/0.424/0.4Rated short-time power frequency withstand voltage(phase/fracture)KV/1 min42/4842/48Rated lighting impulse withstand voltage(phase/ground)KW75/8575/85Rated frequencyHz5050Rated total lossKW7.0

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Technical Specification:
Rated voltageKV12/0.424/0.4
Rated short-time power frequency withstand voltage(phase/fracture)KV/1 min42/4842/48
Rated lighting impulse withstand voltage(phase/ground)KW75/8575/85
Rated frequencyHz5050
Rated total lossKW7.017.01
Rated maximum capacityA630630
Ground circuit short time withstand current and durationKA/S20/0.5s20/0.5s
Rated peak withstand currentKA5050
Enclosure rating IP30IP33D
Rated housing rating 1010

Product description:
YB typed pre-fabricated substation is for HV/LV equipment,transformer combination of a compactly equipment device.Widely used in urban high-rise buildings,urban and rural construction,residential areas,factories,parks,airports,railway,oil field,shopping malls and
temporary construction and other outdoor venues.For receiving anddistribution of electric energy in power distribution system.

1.Substation shell adopts the surface treatment of steel manufacturing,has enough mechanical strength and rigidity.
2.The shell material is made of cold rolled steel plate,stainless steel plate,aluminum alloy plate,after choi plate,etc
3.Each chamber is use the steel plate into separate little room,the Layout is designed to ''or '' shape based on electricity demand.
4.To convenience to monitoring and maintenance,transformer room,high and low voltage room is equipped with lighting device.
5.The top plate with double-layer structure,to prevent thermal radiation increase indoor temperature.
6.Transformer is with natural ventilation,when the transformer room temperature more than setted temperature,the top of the  axial flow fan antomatically start to control the temperature of the transformer room.
7The connection parts equipped with sealing device,has the good moistureproof function.
Perfect protection performance,convenient operation,ensure the Safety of maintenance;

Applicable conditions:
Ambient temperature:-35ºC~+40ºC
Relative humidity:
Daily average95%
Monthly average90%
Seismic capacity:8 degrees 
Seismic Capacity8 degree

Pre-Fabricated Substation for Hv/LV Equipment
Pre-Fabricated Substation for Hv/LV Equipment
Pre-Fabricated Substation for Hv/LV Equipment
Pre-Fabricated Substation for Hv/LV Equipment
Pre-Fabricated Substation for Hv/LV Equipment
Pre-Fabricated Substation for Hv/LV Equipment


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