33kv 35kv automatic recloser outdoor substation standing column type Sf6 vacuum circuit breaker

Zw32-24kv / 630A outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker (with remote operation) Zw32-24 outdoor high voltage vacuum pole mounted circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is a control and protection equipment in AC three-phase high-voltage distribution network with rated voltage of 24kV and 50Hz. It

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Zw32-24kv / 630A outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker (with remote operation)
 Zw32-24 outdoor high voltage vacuum pole mounted circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is a control and protection equipment in AC three-phase high-voltage distribution network with rated voltage of 24kV and 50Hz. It is mainly used for breaking and closing load current, overload current and short circuit current in power lines. It is suitable for protection and control in substation and distribution system of industrial and mining enterprises. The circuit breaker adopts column type, dry structure, reliable insulation, long electrical life, maintenance free, especially suitable for the requirements of frequent operation places. It is more suitable for installation and use in rural power grid with weak maintenance ability. It can also be used as the sectional switch of power grid, and the automation of distribution network can be realized by adding controller. In accordance with GB 1984 AC high voltage circuit breaker, gb1985 AC high voltage disconnector and grounding switch Recently, with the continuous expansion of China's urban power grid and the rapid growth of power load, and in view of the characteristics of long power supply lines and large line loss in rural power grid, the original 10KV voltage level distribution has been difficult to meet the requirements of power supply, and gradually exposed that the power supply distance is too large, the line loss rate is high, and the voltage quality is difficult to meet the requirements And so on. The use of 20kV voltage level power supply has a series of advantages, such as increasing power supply capacity, ensuring voltage quality, reducing power loss and saving construction cost of power grid. Therefore, the use of 20kV Voltage Distribution level power supply is the inevitable trend of development, imperative. ZW - 24 outdoor high voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker is an outdoor switch gear with three-phase AC of 50 Hz and rated voltage of 24 kV. It is suitable for opening and closing various loads and frequent operation occasions, and is suitable for the construction and transformation of power equipment in urban power grid, rural power grid, mine and railway. On the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology and based on domestic raw materials and processes, Zui has developed 24kV outdoor high-voltage switch gear which is suitable for China's national conditions. It has its own intellectual property rights and a number of technologies, which fills the gap of domestic 24 kV Outdoor Switchgear. Compared with similar international products, it has the characteristics of miniaturization, maintenance free and intelligent. At the same time, the product has no pollution to the surrounding environment and is a green environmental protection product.
Features of zw32-24kv / 630A outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker (with remote operation)
1. The shell is made of high-quality stainless steel or ordinary steel plate by Dacromet antirust treatment process and then sprayed with UV resistant varnish. The product has excellent anti-corrosion, salt spray resistance and other environmental performance.
2. The insulation part is made of epoxy resin and silicone rubber composite insulation material with high insulation grade, strong anti pollution ability, ozone resistance, UV resistance, hydrophobicity and high and low temperature resistance. There is no transformer oil and sulfur hexafluoride gas in the tank, which meets the requirements of oil-free transformation and environmental protection.
3. The operating mechanism is a spring operating mechanism, which is manual and electric, and can be equipped with remote control operation device and avoiding closing inrush current device when necessary. The required power of external power supply is no more than 70W, which is easy to be equipped with backup power supply. Unique design of buffer device, excellent performance, small rebound, low noise.
4 arc extinguishing chamber adopts special stainless steel brazing technology, without electroplating, with high welding quality, stable and reliable, and low air leakage rate. The special ceramic metallization formula and advanced ceramic metallization process are used in the production process to ensure the air tightness of the product. The tensile strength is greater than 130Mpa, and it is completely sealed at one time.
5. The current transformer is made of high-quality magnetic material and epoxy resin and silicone rubber composite insulation. It has the advantages of large capacity, high dynamic and thermal stability, high accuracy, maintenance free and high reliability.
According to the needs of users, it can cooperate with corresponding controllers to form auto re-closer and sectionalizer, which is an ideal equipment to realize distribution automation.
Usage environment
A ambient air temperature: + 40 ºC ~ - 40 ºC, daily temperature difference: 25K
B the wind speed is not more than 35m / s
c. The protection grade of the case is IP64
d. Consider condensation and precipitation
e. The earthquake intensity does not exceed 8
f. The solar radiation intensity does not exceed 1000W / m2 (equivalent to 700pa on the cylinder surface)
h. The requirements beyond the technical conditions shall be agreed by the user and the manufacturer.
The circuit breaker is mainly composed of integrated fixed pole, current transformer, spring operating mechanism and box body. The circuit breaker is miniaturized and adopts three-phase pillar structure as a whole. The structure is simple and clear, with high design precision and convenient installation. It can meet the requirements of opening distance and over travel of vacuum interrupter without adjustment. The diversion circuit of vacuum circuit breaker is composed of upper incoming line end, vacuum interrupter contact and lower outlet end. The circuit breaker can be equipped with two-phase or three-phase CT.
Outline structure diagram of circuit breaker:

1 - upper outgoing line 2 - vacuum interrupter 3 - insulating silicone rubber 4 - SMC insulating material 5 - silicone rubber jacket
6-soft connection 7-middle flange 8-insulating prop 9-pillar silicone rubber jacket 10-insulating pull rod
11 spring operating mechanism 12 base 13 current transformer 14 lower outlet
Miniaturized spring mechanism:
The spring operating mechanism adopts the miniaturization design principle, and the overall layout adopts the splint structure. The energy storage system and drive system are placed between the plates on both sides, and the closing spring, terminal block, microswitch, energy storage motor, closing and opening over current tripping electromagnet are placed outside. DC permanent magnet motor is used for energy storage. Due to its hard characteristics, the energy storage time is stable. The additional bridge rectifier can be used for AC operation, and the requirements of intelligent control and re-closing can be realized conveniently. Each part of the mechanism has reasonable stress and good stability. The release is easy to install and replace. The opening and closing indication, energy storage indication and manual closing and opening buttons are arranged symmetrically and orderly on the front side, which makes the structure compact, reasonable, small and light. Both ends of all shafts are equipped with single row radial ball bearings, which is easy to install, flexible to rotate and high in efficiency.
Integrated fixed pole:
The circuit breaker adopts new solid insulation structure. The vacuum kettle chamber, main electric circuit and insulation support are organically combined into an integrated solid sealing pole. The vacuum interrupter is separately poured into the insulation cover and integrated with insulation, which greatly improves its insulation performance. The composite insulation material of itching resin and silicone rubber is used to protect the surface of the vacuum interrupter from the pollution of the surrounding environment, improve the insulation performance, prevent dirt and prevent condensation, and improve the ozone resistance, ultraviolet resistance and anti-aging ability. At the same time, the mechanical strength is greatly improved. The design is fully sealed, fully insulated and maintenance free structure, which completely solves the contradiction between the miniaturization of vacuum interrupter and the requirement of external insulation. The vacuum interrupter has the advantages of less times of arc extinction in the vacuum tube, which makes the high voltage contact break through the insulation tube.
Equipped with current transformer and over-current tripping device:
The current transformer is one-piece installed on the switch body. The product is made of high-quality magnetic material and epoxy resin and silicone rubber composite insulation. It has the advantages of large capacity and high dynamic thermal stability. According to customer requirements, single metering, single protection, metering and protection integrated current transformer can be configured. There are 100, 200, 400, 600, 1000, 1250A and other transformation ratios for users to choose.
The variable ratio current transformer can be configured, and the plug-in transformer tap is installed in the side box of the cabinet, which is convenient for changing the transformer ratio on site. It is equipped with over-current trip device, which has the advantages of non electrified tripping coil under normal operation state and eliminating possible misoperation caused by release jitter. Its protection mode is inrush current delay + over-current fault delay
+Instantaneous action of over-current fault. The advantages of this mode: ensure to eliminate the misoperation caused by closing inrush current, reliably eliminate the jitter of over-current tripping coil, and ensure the fast breaking of short-circuit fault, which greatly improves the reliability of power supply.

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