Compact metal-enclosed solid insulation electrical switchgear 12kv

Compact Metal Enclosed Solid Insulated Electrical Switchgear 12kVCompany Introduction:New Concept Electric Inc. was founded in October 2001, with a rigistered capital of 57 million Yuan. The company now covers an area of 77,601 square meters (116 acres), and has a plant area of 20,000 square meters. It is a national high-tech en

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Compact Metal Enclosed Solid Insulated Electrical Switchgear 12kV

Company Introduction:

New Concept Electric Inc. was founded in October 2001, with a rigistered capital of 57 million Yuan. The company now covers an area of 77,601 square meters (116 acres), and has a plant area of 20,000 square meters. It is a national high-tech enterprise that specializes in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of intelligent medium & high voltage switchgear. Also the company is a leading manufacturer for solid insulated switchgear in China.

The AVR-12 type intelligent compact solid insulated switchgear is China's first-developed intelligent permanent-magnetic vacuum switchgear developed and manufactured by our company with independent intellectual property rights, which is based on the development demands of smart grid and adopts the design concept of being "intelligent, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and maintenance-free". It integrates such functions as measurement, control, protection and communication etc, with high intelligent degree. This product is suitable for 50Hz, 12kV electric power systems, extensively applied to industrial and civil cable ring networks and power supply terminal projects; it is a top choice to guarantee safe, reliable, economical and efficient operation of the power network.

This product conforms to
IEC60044-1, IEC60060, IEC60068-2, IEC60099-4, IEC60255-27, IEC60270, IEC60280.1, IEC60529, IEC60694, IEC60815-1, IEC60870-5-101, IEC61000-4, IEC61243-5, IEC62271, standards, etc.

Major Technical Parameters are shown below:
Rated voltage12 kV
Rated current630/1,250 A
Rated frequency50/60 Hz
Rated short-duration (1 min) power frequency withstand voltage42/48 kV
Rated short-circuit breaking current20 kA
Rated short-duration withstand current (4s)20 kA
Rated lightning impluse withstand voltage75 kV
Rated short-circuit making current (peak value)50 kA
Rated peak withstand current50 kA
Rated short-circuit current breaking times30 times
Mechanical service life of vacuum circuit breaker10,000 times
Mechanical service life of disconnectors/ground switch20,000 times
Protection degree of enclosureIP4X
Rated operating sequence of circuit breakerO-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
Rated work power supplyAC/DC 100/220 V

Using Environment:
DescriptionUnitUsing Environment Value
Surrounding AirMax TemperatureºC+50
Min Temperature-50
Max Daily Temperature DifferenceK30
Solar Radiation IntensityW/cm20.1
Pullution Class IV
HumidityAverage Value of Daily Relative Humidity%≤100
Average Value of Monthly Relative Humidity≤95
Earthquake Torelance AbilityDegree≤8
Compact Metal Enclosed Solid Insulated Electrical Switchgear 12kv
Compact Metal Enclosed Solid Insulated Electrical Switchgear 12kv
Compact Metal Enclosed Solid Insulated Electrical Switchgear 12kv

Main Functions:
1) Protective Function - It will identify fault current automatically; realize instantaneous current cutoff, time limited current break, regular flow, directional flow, overvoltage, under-voltage, single phase ground protection of small current ground system, and cooling load start and inhibition of open circuit, and other functions.
2) Measurement Function - Measure three-phase current, three-phase voltage, active power, reactive power, active energy, reactive energy, peak/valley electricity, power factor and frequency, ect.
3) Controlling Function - It can realize on-site operation and remote control. Meanwhile, achive fault location of circuit, fault isolation automatically, resume power supply for the circuit without fault rapidly by requirement; realize automatic load shedding under low frequency, capacitor automatic cutting, automatic cutting of backup power, and other controlling functions.
4) Communication Function - It can report fault, operation and controlling information to appointed personnel through wireless public network or special communication network; support various kinds of communication ways and agreement; realize setting parameters modification by handhold PDA. The controller releases the instruction of self-inspection from PDA and feedback the self-inspection information to PDA terminal.
5) Data Record Function - Record, save and run operation and fault information automatically.
6) Synchronous Switching On/Off Function - According to the features of load, it searches zero crossing point automatically; adapt itself to the discreteness of switch parameter and impact of environment factors; realize synchronous switching on/off; restrain over voltage of operation and inrush phenomenon effectively, especially suitable for switching capacitor and transformer.
7) Intelligence Function - It can carry out on-line comprehensive analysis of power network parameters, on-line performance parameter measurement of circuit breaker, and on-line programming; cooperate with the main station of power distribution automatic system; realize the function of remote control management of switch device, and on-site, remote or hierarchical control type power distribution automation system.
8) Load Management Function - Load management terminal cooperates with AVR series intelligent compact solid insulation switch equipment. It is able to realize load management function, solve the electricity fees issue effectively for scattered residents customer, temporary customers, and the customers who fail to pay the fee frequently.

Main Features:
1. Vacuum arc extinguish; solid insulation; no oil and SF6; no environment pollution; impossible explosion and gas leak; comply with environment protection requirement.
2. Fully sealed waterproof design; no exposure of high-voltage conductor; especially suitable for wet and areas with frequent flood. It is able to supply power under wet and soaking situation.
3. For rhe operation mechanism, the user can select permanent magnet mechanism or spring operation mechanism according to user's habit and actual needs. 
4. Integral design of isolation, grounding switch and circuit breaker; compact structure, and complete reliable mechanical and electric locking structure design. It can prevent wrong operation effectively.
5. Adopt fast algorithm with national patent technology (patent number:ZL200720037710.7) so as to obtain fast breaking capacity of circuit breaker. As a result, it can isolate fault circuit rapidly. Taking the example of 10kV circuit breaker, it needs less than 25ms from inspecting fault to cut fault circuit by separate circuit breaker. It can avoid the problem of override trip effectively.
6. Adopt single phase ground protection system with national patent technology (patent number:ZL201020178325.6). It can realize on-line judgement on the single phase ground fault of small current ground system without adding devices. In the meanwhile, it realeases warning or tripping action according to setting value.
7. Apply the most advanced insert operation system nowadays; adopt double CPU structure, including ARM9 with general processing and system control; and strong DSP with high efficiency processing on multi-missions; and realize high speed data processing, control and communication.
8. It is equipped with complete electricity displayer and reliable switch position indicator.
9. Building block design, it is able for extension by needs.
10. Compact structure, small volume, light weight, convenient installation.
11. Visible isolation fracture, comply with safety standard.
12. Identify power supply mode automatically; realize automatic double power cutting flexibly; improve power supply reliability.
13. Flexible communication ways; support GSM short message, GPRS,CDMA general wireless business, optical fiber, twisted-pair, wireless, carrier wave and other communication ways; and support various kinds of communication agreement.
14. Adopt temperature measurement and modification technology so as to make the switch device operate reliably and stably under different environment conditions across the country.
15. AVR series measuring cabinet adopts different Bus extension method. It enriches the Bus extension type of solid insulated ring network cabinet. It has compact structure. The build-in voltage transformer and current transformer for measurement can be equipped with gauging table, load management terminal or reserved installation location by needs.

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